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Housing Bubble


Housing bubble information and news - Including information on the hot real estate markets in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and New York....

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losure. September 9, 2005 - 93,440 foreclosed residential properties available for sale. Source: Media The television and radio airways are flooded withreal estate professionals preaching that the housing market is still strong and there is no housing bubble. Alan Greenspan The Fed chairman Alan Greenspan doesn't like to use the word bubble! Will he ever say there is a housing bubble in the U.S. ? Who will be thenext Federal ReserveChairman - Ben Stein ? Las Vegas Housing Bubble Las Vegas was the hottest U.S. housing market in 2004. A home shortage spiked real estate prices by 52%. 8/10/2005 - 1,165 Las Vegasrental property listings on 8/10/2005 - 11,197 Las Vegashomes and condos for sale on Check current Las Vegas Rentals: Check Las Vegas condo and home listings: Arizona Housing Bubble Right now the hot real estate market is centered in the Phoenix, Arizona...


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