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Tennessee Case Laws

Please find, below, selected case laws decided by Supreme Court of Tennessee or Court of Appeals of Tennessee where the term Iran has been mentioned.
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Rafieetary v. Rafieetary - 4/29/2004
Facts and Procedural History Mohammad Rafieetary ("Husband") and Maryam Rafieetary ("Wife") were both born in Iran, where they were married in 1985. For approximately eight years prior to the marriage, however, Husband had been...

State v. Tucker - 4/19/2001
Assigned on Briefs March 20, 2001 The defendant was convicted by a Hamilton County jury of aggravated assault, a Class C felony. The defendant now contends: (1) the evidence was insufficient to sustain his conviction; and (2) his...

State v. Winfield - 6/20/2000
FOR PUBLICATION This is an appeal from the Criminal Court for Hamilton County, which convicted the defendant of two counts of assault. The defendant appealed and argued that the trial court erred in imposing concurrent sentences...

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