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Alabama Case Laws

Please find, below, selected case laws decided by Supreme Court of Alabama or Court of Appeals of Alabama where the term Iran has been mentioned.
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Ex parte Burgess - 7/21/2000
On Application for Rehearing The opinion of January 28, 2000, is withdrawn and the following is substituted therefor. Roy Burgess, Jr., was convicted of capital murder for the death of Kevin Gardner, under § 13A-5-40(a)(2),...

Ex parte Pressley - 1/28/2000
As Modified on Denial of Rehearing: April 7, 2000 In September 1997, in the Shelby Circuit Court, Marcus Pressley was convicted by a jury of the capital murder of John Burleson and Janice Littleton, murders committed during the...

Burgess v. State - 1/28/2000
OCTOBER TERM, 1999-2000 Roy Burgess, Jr., was convicted of capital murder for the death of Kevin Gardner under § 13A-5-40(a)(2), Ala Code 1975 -- murder made capital because it was committed during the course of a robbery in the...

This appeal arises from the trial court's dissolution of a temporary restraining order (TRO) and its denial of a motion by Southern Energy Homes, Inc. ("Southern Energy"), for a preliminary injunction. Southern Energy sought to enjoin...

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