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Posted on: 8/17/2006
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Feng Shui, Fortune telling, Spiritual Healing, Tarot Card Reading via Email

Phone Psychic/Psychic Advisor/consultant

Antonio Vega

Address:  620 West 6th Avenue, Grace Park, Caloocan City 1400  Philippines Email Addresses:, Web/URL:

My services are: Hula (a king of Fortune telling), which includes pathworking, glass and crystal ball scrying Prosperity rituals Matchmaking rituals Pregnancy or to have a baby rituals Protective or protection from psychic vampires To put to jail/suffer the one who committed injustices against someone rituals Lovers/husband/wife to return Lovers/husband/wife not to return and not bother anymore rituals Lotto/games of chances prosperity rituals… Good Luck/Good Fortune/Success rituals

Past life recurrences jinx removal Anti-generation curse extinguisher Geomancy/feng shui/the art of making your home business place lucky I have my landline phone: (632)365 95 83

I ALSO HAVE MY MOBILE PHONE:+63 919 694 1224


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