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Posted on: 12/27/2010
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Light weight block machinery

AAC block machine 


Brief Introduction of AAC Product

Aerated concrete brick is a light and porous building material. It is based on cement, lime, slag, fly ash, and sand and made of materials such as gas as raw material.

It has the features of being light; keeping temperature can’t be burn, good insulation and others.

It can be made into many kinds of sizes e.g. 600×200×100, 600×200×125…

They could be used in industry building and common building. As one of the earliest and most widely used materials, they are more and more popular in the world and they will replace the Clay brick completely.     


Main Features of AAC Product

A.  Light weight

Aerated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3, it is about 1/3 of the clay brick weight and 1/5 common concrete block weight. Using the Light brick can reduce the weight of the building and also reduce the loading of the beam of roof and pillar. You can see, it can save the material and cost, it also fight against shaking.

B.   Keeping temperature

It has many porous, the heat transition coefficient is 0.9-0.22W/ (mk), it is just about 1/4 or 1/5 of clay brick, so it is the best materials for keep the room temperature now in the world.    

C. Raw material available widely

There are many kind materials even waste material can be used to produce AAC products, for example: coal ash, sand, waste mine material, coal stone, stone dust, and other silicon materials. 

D. Saving land and energy

When you produce AAC products it use the energy (or fuel) just 11% of the clay brick Products. 

E.  The feature of Plasticity

The AAC Products has one useful advantage is the “Plasticity”. As it is has more foam inside and the weight is lighter and not so hard so it is easy to be produced in every kind shape and when it is re-assemble or re-production it will be more suitable for sawing, paring, drilling, and clinch (clench).

F. Sales Profit

AAC Products’ market profit is bigger than common bricks and cement blocks, especially the AAC Board products (Plate shape AAC Products).



AAC brick is applied widely in the world, especially in below conditions and places.

1st Youth Olympics Games in Singapore

Pakistan Flood of 2010

Russia Fire

Hainan province flood in China

In the earthquake of Indonesia and New Zealand

Infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan

16th Asian Games Guangzhou

EXPO 2010 Shanghai

Infrastructure of America


Fly Ash Aerated Concrete

Conventional fly ash aerated concrete production, uses original fly ash, lime, gypsum and other raw materials. It doesn't make use of new technology in the status quo such as pre-activation process and formula, process, technical parameters, etc. It has done a corresponding adjustment and improvement. With higher intensity compared to traditional products, its advantages are lower cost, better performance, and smaller density. Has a certain nature. Aerated concrete advantages: Aerated Concrete has been able to be rapid growing, mainly because it has many other advantages of wall materials unparalleled. (1) Light weight Aerated Concrete is the main characteristics of light weight, to win light. It dry bulk density generally 400-700kg/m3, the equivalent of clay 1 / 3 of ordinary concrete, 1 / 5, and the lightweight aggregate concrete and hollow block, hollow clay brick, compared to products such as lower. (2) Excellent thermal insulation of Aerated Concrete has a very low thermal transmittance, which have good insulation properties. It is often the thermal conductivity of 0.09-0.22w / (mk), the brick is only 1/4-1/5, 1/5-1/10 ordinary concrete. Porosity and pore its rate is about 70%, this is its thermal insulation of the main reasons. (3) Good process ability Aerated concrete without coarse aggregate, has a good process ability can be sawing, planning, drilling, nailing. When in the use of processing can be arbitrary. And the bonding material can be bonded properly. Construction to provide favorable conditions. (4) Eat a large quantity of ash, spent a high rate of profit Fly ash and other residues of the total volume ratio above 75%. Digestion can be a large number of fly ash, coal gangue, phosphorus gypsum, calcium carbide sludge and other industrial waste and is conducive to environmental pollution.


Our Advantages and Strength

1. The steel material supplied by Kehai is from the most famous steel company in china and the world. The mould material is manganese steel and heating treat. The shell of the tank is also made of manganese steel so it is solid and durable.

2. We have the advanced and professional technical team. We can make the mould according to the requirements of the clients. The machine line designs absorb advantages of product of Germany and U.S.A which possesses the most advanced technology in the world.

3. The advanced control unite is easy to operate, it combine the internal achievement and the international famous result. It also can scan the breakdowns automatically. The screen is touching-operating.

4. We have high efficient service system. We also have a professional international service team for abroad clients, you can benefit from their years’ customer-service experience.

5. You can benefit from our 25 years’ producing experience.

6. Since our 1st set of machine ran in 1996 in Africa, we have exported to Canada, Iran, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, West Africa etc. It is sure that you can benefit from our 15 years’ exporting experience. 

7. Our factory covers 39,000 square meters and our fixed assets is 12M US$.

8. Various equipments are over 100 sets.

9. Our whole personnel over 390 persons is the strong support for your business.

10. ISO 9001: 2000 certificated.


Service Concept

Service is a part of the product and competition. We have consistently adhered to “take the consumers’ needs as the core service and make consumers satisfied to promote our products and brand” as our service standard, and try our best to carry promise out in the whole service system, so as to realize “make specialty into classic” and “create Kehai brand, make customers satisfied”.


If you have special requirements, please tell us and we will make one workable solution for you!

Zhengzhou Kehai Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd is an imports and exports enterprise of China which manufactures the following products on a large scale: Autoclaved aerated concrete block equipments, large-scale hydraulic pressure block making machine, autoclaved lime sand brick equipments, disc-type bake-free brick making machine, metallurgy mill-run equipments, and etc. For main info., pls check our website;

Mobile: +86 15237140218
Skype:lhs102884; ICQ:566896923;
Add:Gongyi Yong'an High--Tech Development Zone(No.7, Chaoyang Road), Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China

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