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Posted on: 11/23/2010
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Learn How to Hack Ethically in 2 Days

CEP Logic’s ethical hacking course is designed to provide a fast track, hands on learning experience that will have you hacking in two days. This accelerated class addresses various universal principles, techniques, and tools used by malicious hackers. Included in this course and yours to keep: USB Bootable flash drive with the Hacker OS BackTrack 4R1, Alfa USB Hacker Network Card, and all courseware and lab materials.

You will learn and perform the following:

BackTrack 4 R1
Steps and types of hacking
Network Easedropping
Wireless WPA Password Cracking
Nmap / Zenmap Network Scanning
Nessus: Vulnerability Scanning
Man-in-th-Middle Attack
SSL Strip
VoIP Call Capture
SQL Injection
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Google Hacks
and much more...

For more information or to register please visit: or call 800-729-2415 today.

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